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We’ve made it to the final round of this exhilarating competition!! We wanted to create a venue for local mompreneurs to showcase their ideas and generate buzz and support and the support that this community (and friends & family, near and far) has shown has blown us all away!!!

So, here we are. Final week. One more chance to support your favorite mompreneur. Please review the following and choose your favorite from among our final TWO by the end of Saturday, April 7th. The submissions are in alphabetical order. The poll is at the bottom of this page. Please let us know if you have any issues with the voting –

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Kiddie Kaboose (working title) – Rebecca Lock
IG: @rebecca.lock.9461

In business for 8 weeks

Our “Driving Nannies” provide safe, reliable children’s transportation and interim care services to help parents keep up with their children’s changing and busy schedules.

As a Maplewood mom of two, I recognize the incredible parental burden of keeping up with children’s changing and busy schedules, while also maintaining a career, family, household and personal life. I am also aware of the frustration many parents feel about not being able to get a child home from school, having to get two children to different places at the same time, or not being able to send a child to a weekday, after-school activity because of a lack of transportation and assistance. Hiring a full-time nanny is not sensible for many families. I’m hoping that this company will provide families with the flexibility and benefit of having a safe, reliable source of transportation and childcare as needed, so that neither a child’s schedule, nor a parents job or personal life needs to be compromised. This service aims to give parents time, a peace of mind and sense of security, while giving children a secure, comfortable and engaging mode through which to also live their lives. 

Because I understand how essential it is to entrust children to only the most competent and trustworthy caregivers, our Driving Nannies will be personally interviewed, reviewed, undergo a background and reference check, and will meet with and be approved by an individual family before caring for any child. I plan to stay in close contact with families about their changing schedules and needs and to provide incredible care as and when needed. 

I look forward to working with and getting to know local families through this service, and helping to meet an incredible need that exists in this area. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Poppikit – Anna Helm Baxter
FB: anna helm-baxter
IG: @annahelmbaxter

Haven’t officially launched but got LLC in October 2018

We believe the cake is the most important thing at the party. Kids remember their cakes for decades (hey, do you remember some of your favorite birthday cakes?). Your kids don’t remember all the times you drove them to soccer practice, but a thoughtful, personalized cake is a loving memory they will cherish.

But it’s so hard… settling for a shop-bought cake leaves many moms feeling guilty, yet parents have so little time, you need lots of specialist equipment and making a cake can be stressful!

We’ve created a cake kit that makes it easy. You can customize it online, so it’s really your design. The kits come with cake mix, frosting mix, sprinkles, food coloring, cake boards and all the tools you need. We walk you step-by-step through simple techniques that are as easy as rolling play-doh, but reliably make a cake that looks and tastes great!

Over time, we will offer add-on’s like candles, stationery, party crafts and paper goods that pair with your cake design.

We started out with an online product, but had a chance to pitch King’s recently. They were so excited, they’ve asked us to develop a version for retail stores and have requested 500 kits for 30 stores! We’re due to be featured in their Meet Your Maker event in May.

We’ve put a lot of thought into both the simplicity of the process so that everyone feels good about the experience and the ingredients in our kits (our cake mix is 100% whole grain and the food colors in the dyes and sprinkles are all natural). Moreover, we hope to make our packaging as eco-friendly as possible as we care about the future our kids will have as much as we care about the ingredients going into their bodies.

I’m Anna, resident of Maplewood for 2.5 years w. 3 kids Charlie (7), Poppy (4) and Archie (1). My co-founder Jade lives in Brooklyn with her daughter Peri (5). The business is named after our daughters because we’re determined to give them a positive example what moms can achieve (and we think ‘Poppikit’ sounds awesome!).

Our business is geared towards helping the busy moms find the reason to make their kids cake or for kids who are excited to learn how to decorate. We are the helping hand to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We bring a lot of food and marketing experience to our start-up. We’re both trained chefs with a combined 20 years experience in food media, including some of the top names such as Good Housekeeping, the New York Times and Jamie Oliver. Jade has a background in online marketing. Anna is an ex-magazine editor, has presented segments on the Today show and written six cook books.

This is our first business. We are in the thick of working out website design, product sourcing, packaging, logistics, accounting, tax… We would hugely benefit from the resources that the Mompreneur competition offers, and are very excited about the opportunity of working to become the WONDER 1.

We’re still in product beta testing, so don’t yet have our website launched, but please check out my instagram feed (@annahelmbaxter) to see the cakes and meet the kids.

Our voting system limits votes by email and IP address. If you know that you have not voted this round but the system is blocking your vote because you share an IP address with another voter, please turn wifi off on your phone and try again.

We know you can game the system. Please don’t. 


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